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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

So you want to hear my Podcast???

Oke, but how do you get my podcast on your PC???

-Well for poeple who got a Mac or a iPod it is very easy because they got iTunes. And if you got iTunes copy adress>> Than open iTunes and go to advanced (geavanceerd) on the top of iTunes. Click on Subscribe podcast(aboneren op podcast) and put my link you just copied in it and click on OK. That's all.
It wil automaticly download and with the button settings you can set in on what kind of time line you want your iTunes to look voor new episodes.

-And if you got Windows you got two options. One get itunes by this LINK. Or it can be done on windows with another way. It has been discribed very easy by a guy in dutch how to get my podcast onto your Windows MediaPLayer. You can Check it out here!!!!!!

Hope you will enjoy and learn more about the world of podcasts.

Stay Tuned because the next episode will come soon.


  • Hi Mark,
    Nou ik ga het proberen, bedankt voor je hulp peer.
    ff checken of het lukt.
    Gr. Eric

    By Blogger ERIC, at 1:40 AM  

  • Geweldig MArk het lukt prima.

    By Blogger ERIC, at 1:41 AM  

  • Yo Beavis,

    Het is me allemaal nog niet helemaal duidelijk, het is dan ook nog voor 12ven. :S Heb al wel #102 op me ipod getoverd. Ben vandaag 1200 uit, morgen hele dag vrij... Surfen?

    C yah,


    By Blogger Weedsteck, at 10:58 PM  

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